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The result of the merger of Cécile Henri Atelier and Lunas France, the artisan group Ateliers 2 Paris, created in 2014 under the impetus of Sébastien Barilleau, is one of the last specialists in hand embroidery and high-end textile ornamentation in Paris.


The historic Parisian house, Cecile Henri, perpetuates all of the traditional techniques and “savoir-faire” such as needle embroidery, Luneville and Cornely embroidery.    

Lunas France, a textile lab, is committed to the creation of accessories and textile decorations. Lunas France has elegantly mastered the different techniques of garment ornamentation such as hotfix applications, mechanical embroidery, crochet, and macrame…   


cécile henri atelier
Lunas France

Exclusive Embroiderer


CECILE HENRI ATELIER creates embroideries mainly destined for Luxury Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture. 

The Workshop masters the traditional techniques of hand embroidery:  needle and Luneville as well as the so-called Cornely semi-mechanical embroidery.

 Thanks to this alliance, Cécile Henri Atelier offers its Luxury customers an irreproachable quality of work that lives up to their own.

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Textile Lab


Constantly concerned about arousing new artistic and technical desires, the Lunas France studio continuously creates new proposals. 

Its team relies on 2 internal Workshops:  a Workshop for hotfix application projects and a hand embroidery Workshop for the production of braids and motifs placed in crochet, macrame… 

The proximity of these two Workshops allows LUNAS France to offer mixed, exclusive and innovative products.    

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… When our know-hows merge

The synergy between the two entities now more than ever offers a choice of products ceaselessly reinvented, constantly innovative and always personalized to the big names of fashion’s studios of creation.

Allying the respective know-hows of Lunas France and Cecile Henri Atelier forges a hub of innovative and unique creativity in craftsmanship and textile finishing within the Ateliers 2 Paris group.

The merger of the skills and know-how of Cécile Henri Atelier and Lunas France gave birth to a new technique, “the embroidered application”.    
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Under the vision of Sébastien Barilleau, the Group’s President and Artistic Director, and at the discretion of the projects entrusted to them by their clients, the design teams of Ateliers 2 Paris are demonstrating a ceaselessly renewed creativity.

They rely on 3 internal Workshops – hand embroidery, hotfix applications and textile manipulations – to materialize these creations, to check their feasibility, and to make them industrially and economically viable.

In addition, Ateliers 2 Paris possesses patents on its most innovative products.

Solidly established in Luxury and fashion, Ateliers 2 Paris also addresses the lifestyle, decoration, and interior design markets.


With their strategic location in the heart of Paris, CECILE HENRI ATELIER and LUNAS FRANCE offer an indispensable proximity to the designers from the big Parisian fashion houses. 


Since 2014, the Group has also developed its international presence by expanding its internal teams and presence directly with its foreign customer.


Collections, collaborations, special orders or productions in small, medium and large series are always piloted from Paris by dedicated and reactive teams.    


Quality and respect for human values have always been at the heart of the group’s strategy ever since its creation.


Each new development is submitted to a series of tests to guarantee compliance with the REACH standard and 70 % of the products are already OEKO TEX certified, showing its dedication to the highest standards.


Partner or subsidiary, each entity is regularly audited by INTERTEK and SGS with whom Ateliers 2 Paris has set up a protocol of control according to its ethical principles.    

I have been given a rare and precious profession, and I feel de been invested in with an important role! I do everything in my power to assure its sustainability, all the while adapting to the constant changes of the field. »

Sébastien Barilleau
Sébastien Barilleau
President of Ateliers 2 Paris Group
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